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Although the idea of resigning from a full-time steady job in a publicly owned company and launching your own business was at the time deemed unreasonable for most people from this area, the current owner and founder of Madi company LLC Tesanj, Ishak Jabandžić together with his brother Mujo did exactly that in 1988. He opened up a grocery store. Those were the first steps in trading branch which eventually would lead to establishment of Madi company.  


As a result of thoroughly planned development of the business and committment of both the owner and employees, there occurred a need for expanding of the capacities in this branch thus, in 1997 Madi company opened up yet another store, home appliances store with a showroom in the industrial zone in Bukva. This is the branch which we are active in even today. 


As a result of careful monitoring of demands at the food industry market, with the enterprising spirit of Tesanj businessmen going hand-in-hand, in 2000 substantial funds were invested into production of chicken products which, looking at it from today's perspective, would finally define the position of Madi company.  


Dealing with abrupt development and increased demands for our products at the market, the owners of Madi company, Jabandzic family from Tesanj, have been continuously investing substantial funds into production facility and car pool. 


In 2007, we introduced the semi-durable and shaped products' assortment and today over 50 products of ours are available at the market of Bosnia and Herzegovina and specific neighbouring countries. 


The owner and the company's management both are ambitious enough to state that they will not reconcile with the already acquired business successes but they will keep on expanding. To substantiate such claims, the company built a shopping mall with app. 4700 m2, situated also in the industrial zone in Bukva, additionally the company privatised Tesanj veterinary station and today we own 100 % of its shares. Further, the company bought immovables belonging to Sloga company, the company which went into bankruptcy. On that occasion, Madi became the owner of the factory, factory perimeter/yard, administrative building and the yard, grand total surface around 32 acres.


Regardless of the fact that we are still a young company in this branch, we have, over the years, managed to place ourselves among two top producers in terms of implemented production and processing of chicken in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


At the moment, Madi LLC Tesanj company is employing more than 300 employees.


We also boast impressive car pool with around 80 vehicles, half of them being purpose-built vehicles for distribution of fresh and frozen meat for our more than 700 current customers.


Modern technology on our disposal and the experts in this field speak clearly for superb quality and safe hygiene sanitary propriety of our products. Further confimation of the claims are the implemented and certified standards with an accent on HACCP, ISO 9001:2008 and HALAL.


Madi LLC Tesanj is also passionately committed to boosting local community and thus has been a proud sponsor of various sport, cultural and social events and functions. The company is also a staunch supporter of environment protection programmes. 


VISION: Wherever wholesome products are a priority – WE SHALL BE THE LEADER!

MISSION: Contribute to the community and society through innovations and constant growth in food industry! 

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Our location and contact

Meat industry Madi Tešanj
Bukva bb, 74260 Tešanj
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Phone: +387 (0)32 656 450
Fax: +387 (0)32 656 451
Sales dept. phone-fax: +387 (0)32 654 250
E-mail: madi@madi.ba


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